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KelseyMy name is Ted W., we live in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Weíve been using VitaLife for about six months and I can not tell you the difference in our golden retriever named Kelsey. She had no energy and just wanted to lie around I want her to be around for many more years. You have a customer as Kelsey is alive. P.S. Her extra energy has also helped her lose 14 pounds. Keep up the good work!

Ted W.

Cuddles I had just about given up on Cuddles my 17 year old Maltese who weighs about ten pound lbs. Itís only been a few days and he is already doing better. He seams to have more energy and his bowels are moving well and he is even barking again for me to let him outside to let him do his business. He is prancing around the yard for a few minutes and is spending fewer hours sleeping. This is only after a few days. He is still bumping into things so he seams to be doing better physically than cognitively. Thank you for your concern about cuddles and your patience with me. It is wonderful that you are willing to work with me to help my senior dog have a better quality of life... Thanks again!

Doreen from Pickering Canada.

Fawn The pills you sent me for fawn are really working. I canít believe it but it is really doing well for her. Had Tried the formulation of VitaLife but it did not work as well for her arthritis. I have cut her Rimadyl down to one half of the previous dose I am very pleased. I will be ordering more soon

Thank You,
San Francisco, California

Maggie We took Maggie to the vet on Saturday the vet said his rear legs have gotten stronger since he was first diagnosed with Arthritis 6 months ago. He said to keep up the good work!! He also said he has 4 other clients that have their dog on VitaLife.

Donít stop making this great product
Danette S.

Paaws - No Image

Thank you so much for formulating and marketing this wonderful product! She was a bit lame and could no longer jump up onto the bed. On her THIRD DAY of PAAWS, she was back up on the bed!

Barbara, Zoe & Hannigan Burt
Denver, CO

Paaws - No Image

My dog loves Vitalife!  She has great energy! Her skin and coat look wonderful... We love it!


Tracey Villa - Lompoc, CA

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This all natural scientific breakthrough was created by Dr. Carol Osborne, DVM. Dr. Carol is a world renowned veterinarian, author and media personality. She is the creator of VitaLife & PAAWS (Pet Anti-Aging Wellness System) as seen on TV. This all new formula, VitaLife, offers dogs complete health and total wellness.